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Special Guest, Steve Stallard, of BLiS ( will be honored for promoting the maple syrup industry. Steve pioneered bourbon barrel aged maple syrup almost 20 years ago. His legacy has blossomed into an entire market category. Steve, a professionally trained chef, is an innovator that has a legacy impacting hundreds of maple producing families. We are honored that he was willing to let us honor him back for his dedication, creativity, and hard work promoting the maple industry.

Thanks to Steve, we can all enjoy Craft Maple Syrup.

2018 Craft Maple Syrup Festival Competition

A big driver for creating this Craft Maple Festival is to develop the growing community of Craft Maple Syrup. The craft maple syrup products hitting the market by storm do not have a community by which they can be compared and judged on a consistent platform. We think after 20 years, it was time to get this show on the road. Who has the best bourbon barrel aged maple syrup in the world? We think the world should know who the experts deem worthy.

Craft maple syrup categories:
– Category – Bourbon barrel Aged*
– Category – Whiskey Barrel Aged (even Canadians need a chance to win something!)
– Category – Heat
– Category – Sweet
– Category – Neat
– Category – Microdistillery Class
– Category – Biggest Fraud (just kidding!! ….maybe)

– Gold, Silver, Bronze
– Best of Show “The Stevie”

* the crown jewel of the competition….don’t worry, we won’t enter ours so you have a fair chance to win!

PDF Application (downloadable)

Competition Rules:

1) All maple syrup entered is authentic and pure (we can tell!)
2) Maple Syrup Must be at our facility no later than October 15th.
C/O Test My Taster
Bissell Maple Farm
82 West Ashtabula St
Jefferson, OH 44047
3) All entries are in a market-ready package and clearly labeled with your name. Don’t send us a partial Mason jar of some experimental juniper berry pickle barrel aged maple syrup. We aren’t a research firm. We’re volunteers. If you don’t sell the product, don’t send it. Want an opinion? Ask your mommy.
4) All entries will NOT be returned (but it will be donated to a good cause in the community on Saturday morning!)
5) Don’t be a fraud. We are pretty sophisticated with our testing. Quite frankly, our judges have golden tongues and Georgie will flunk you. He’s got a laser.